Friday, December 25, 2009

4-wide combo tutorial ,demonstration,guide

Video Example:

1. 4-Wides Burst on the scene- The 4-wide was not a new technique at the time, but when Secret Salamander featured the middle-gap 4-wide in his epic playoff match versus Blink in HDO2, people were left in awe. Salamander eventually lost the match, but won an astounding 7 of 10 matches in which he used the 4-wide.

the match

This was perhaps one of the most influential recent match-ups as it has spread like a wildfire throughout the Tetris realm.

2. Middle vs. Side stacked- There are two effective ways in which to stack for a 4-wide, in the middle and on the side. Both have advantages and downfalls.

a. Middle- The middle stacked 4-wide was revolutionized by Secret Salamander and unveiled spectacularly in his match-up versus Blink. This version of the technique is the more difficult of the two to preform, as it takes a lot of practice to learn the stacking methods that go into the middle gap. However, this has much more power potential than the side stacked. You can stack higher, will less risk of topping out. Because the stacking method is more difficult, players often find themselves clearing lines in the center in order to greaten the potential of the combo. This means that this stacking method takes longer to build, than side stacked.

b. Side- This more traditional combo method has different advantages than the alt. method. Since its staking method is much simpler, it is much quicker to build and begin your combo. However, the power potential is much less since there is a fairly high likely hood of a top out.

3. Starts- There are 4 basic starts when beginning a 4-wide: S/Z, alt. S/Z, I, and L/J.

Please see fumen of the starts at the bottom.

4. Previews- its is important to use your previews continuously during the comboing process. Make sure to play out in your head the next few pieces to capture the best possible approach.

5. Hold- It is imperative you use your holds wisely when comboing using 4-wide. The best pieces to save are the I, O, and T blocks as they are useful is most situations you may encounter.

6. Piece Selection during combo- Most newbie 4-widers have the most trouble in this particular skill of 4-wide. This is unfortunate because THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Most throw the combo away making little mistakes here and there, nullifying the power of the 4-wide completely. You must strive to keep a "start"-like situation for the next block to continue.

Salamander's situational map

also: see fumen at end

7. Use of 4-wide- Though not as effective as it once was (see blink 3-wide ) the 4-wide is still hated by many who have meet a quick doom. Many swear by this tactic and almost exclusively use it. For others is it a feel, match-up, or simply the only hope they have. For slower players, the power of the 4-wide is the only chance for one to steal a victory off of the elite.

8. Combo Garbage-for combo chains the lines sent are as follows: (combo#, lines sent), (1.0)(2,1)(3,1)(4,2)(5,2)(6,3)(7,3)(8+,4)

9. Fumen library-

Sample builds of middle combo (from SS v Blink)
http:// harddrop. com /forums/index.php?showtopic=2163

10. Conclusion You will not learn this overnight, this will take a lot of practice to gain a feel and develop your own style.

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